Teddy now lives in Kansas with these three young boys who got the best surprise ever 11/2018.  They thought they were just going shopping at Bass Pro when they saw a lady with a puppy and asked if they could pet it.  Little did they know they were petting their puppy.  The look on their faces was priceless when they figured out Teddy was theirs. 

Huck (fka Lance) went to live in Northern Missouri but to no fault of his own, he came back to us.  His owner felt he could not devote the time that he deserved.  Huck now resides only a few miles from us on a farm with cows, horses and other working dogs.  As his new owner says "He's a good en."

Liberty (fka Logan) now lives just an hour away in Branson, MO with her new owners and their two cats.  

Molly (fka Lexi) lives in Northwest Arkansas with her new family.  She is learning many new commands and behaving very well. 

Lacie (fka Layla) lives in Illinois with her new family. She has several other Aussie buddies to play with daily. 

May (fka Daisey) now lives a few hours away in Missouri with a sweet young couple on a farm with lots of room to run and play.